Welcome to Red Mountain Egg Farm.

Here at Red Mountain Egg Farm just outside the town of West Richland our hens live in houses and pens where there is always plenty of food, water and the freedom for them to wander about and interact with their fellow birds. In short, Red Mountain Egg Farm is a place where a chicken is allowed to be a chicken.

This is pen "C" which is the home of 200 laying hens and one very satisfied rooster. Attached to the pen is a chicken-house that the hens are free to enter and exit at will.

Here Mike is replenishing the hen's feed and water.

These young pullets are in pen "D". They are eight weeks old and in a couple of months they will begin to lay, producing beautiful brown eggs. The trailer being pulled by the tractor is loaded with--that's right--chicken manure. It is being moved elsewhere on our place where it will be aged and then later used to fertilize a corn-plot. Corn requires a great deal of nitrogen and will keep us from having a nitrate-pollution problem.

Here are some of the pullets housed in pen "D"

In addition to our laying hens we also have a few feathered pets at Red Mountain Egg Farm. Here is one of our duck hens with her brood of ducklings that hatched out this Spring.

Our turkey cock (tom) and hen originally had four poults hatch out. Only one has survived.

Our best known feathered pet is Phil the peacock. Phil had been lonely for a long time, but now he has a couple of pen-hens to keep him company. Look Below.

200 chicks arrived in the mail this morning. Here they are in the brooder-trailer. In four and a half months they will begin laying; providing on average enough eggs for one hundred customers.

Laurie and I call it the Egg-Mobile. It delivered some eighty dozen eggs last night to 31 customers.

Bob & I--mostly Bob--are building another chicken house. When completed it will house four hundred layers. Four hundred layers will produce about eight hundred dozen eggs each month. Enough eggs to take care of, on average, 200 house-holds. In the background is Red Mountain.