Please make sure you have completely read the Red Mountain Egg Farm web page before filling out this form.

After placing the order, please make sure you have instructed your email system to accept emails from these two email addresses: and

This is necessary so that emails from us do not end up in your spam folder.
Remember, we almost exclusively communicate with our clients by email.

Standing Order Form

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West Kennewick (2nd & 4th Fridays)
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Delivery Container
Your eggs will always be delivered into your delivery container . While we suggest you give strong consideration to the insulation factor, ultimately the container you choose is up to you. The delivery container can be a cooler on your porch, refrigerator on your patio, or other simple container such as a thermal bag.
On the line below please tell us what your container will be and where it will be located on your property.

Please Note: Once eggs are delivered into the clients's delivery container, they become the client's property and, therefore, the client's responsibility to refrigerate.

In conjunction with this standing order, Red Mountain Egg Farm establishes an account for the client for billing purposes. The client will be billed about the 6th day of the following month for his/her purchases with payment due by the 15th. Egg delivery will be stopped if the account becomes past due.
An invoice will accompany each egg delivery.

The specifications you as the client have made above are always modifiable by sending an email to before noon of your normal delivery day.

Please keep in mind that our egg production is limited as is the number of clients we can serve. We are not a sales organization nor a retailer, simply a very small egg farm working hard to provide to its limited number of clients the freshest traditionally-raised eggs from cage-free hens.

Thank you.