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Locally-Raised, Farm-Fresh Eggs from Cage-Free Hens
to Many of the Residential Communities of the Tri-Cities.

Hello. My name is Mike Mackey and since 2000 my wife, Laurie, and I have been living out here in the Red Mountain area just outside West Richland. For ten years we sold farm-fresh eggs to some of our neighbors and friends who passed the word about the great-tasting eggs being produced by our cage-free hens.

Since the end of 2010 we have been licensed by the State of Washington to sell our great tasting eggs off the farm.

You see, Laurie and I believed that there was a sufficient portion of the Tri-Cities area population with exacting tastes for eggs to form a basis for a (very) small egg farm that produced eggs just for them. The clients of our farm, we believed--and it has proven to be quite true over the years--would be folks who wanted to purchase chicken eggs that were raised in the traditional (cage-free) way and were provided to them as fresh as was possible. In deciding the best way of getting the eggs to the client as fresh as possible, we turned back the pages of history and decided we would emulate the milkman of decades past.

I am pleased to report that our beliefs and predictions have come true and while we are not able to deliver to all the Tri-Cities, we do deliver to a limited number of clients in West Richland, Richland and parts of western Kennewick. Perhaps you, too, are possibly interested in being a client of Red Mountain Egg Farm.

Let me tell you about our farm-fresh eggs and the hens that lay them and then I'll share with you how you may have them delivered to your home.


The laying hens here at Red Mountain Egg Farm are kept in large outdoor pens. Connected to each pen is a small chicken house which the hens may freely enter and exit as they wish. Our layers are never caged nor is there ever a closed door to keep them from exiting their house.

We provide our hens with quality commercial feed whose manufacturer has assured us contains no GMOs (genetically modified organisms). We also occasionally supplement with "chicken scratch" as well as fresh-vegetables and fruit. However, the hens can, and do, supplement what we feed them with the natural foods that they scratch out of the ground themselves: seeds and other vegetable matter and, yes, bugs. Such natural eating by our laying hens produces wonderfully flavorful eggs with the deep yellow yolk that true lovers of farm-fresh eggs seek. The USDA says that the eggs of chickens raised in this way may be described as “free-range”. We prefer the term "large-pen raised"

Our hens are never fed hormones. They are never de-beaked.

We have found that when we provide our hens with as natural an environment as possible plus lots of sunshine, fresh air, good food, clean water and the protection of the pen and chicken-house, they in return daily provide us with hundreds of wholesome, delicious eggs.

Following the processes specified by the State of Washington to ensure wholesomeness and cleanliness, our eggs are cleaned with a clear water spray, packaged and then refrigerated until they are to be delivered. We use no harsh detergents or chemicals to clean our eggs as egg-shells are porous and will absorb chemicals. At the time of delivery, our cartoned eggs are placed on ice in coolers in our delivery vehicle where they remain until they are delivered to the client.


We make our farm-fresh eggs available to consumers in the simplest, most direct method I think has ever been developed. The old-fashioned milkman may be gone, but his method of direct-to-the-consumer distribution has never been improved upon for providing truly fresh products conveniently to quality-conscious buyers. By raising the eggs ourselves and delivering them with this method, it assures that the eggs delivered to our clients are often only a few hours old and very rarely over 72 hours old. This compares to retail stores where eggs are often weeks old before they find their way to the consumer's refrigerator.


Our "Standing Order" system is the most convenient method of receiving and paying for farm-fresh eggs we know of. By filling-out the Standing Order Form, you establish an arrangement with us whereby we deliver to your home twice a month a quantity of eggs predetermined by you (minimum of one dozen).

Of course, your egg-purchase needs may vary at times, or you may need to cancel delivery. No problem. A quick email sent to us before noon of your normal delivery day and we can adjust your purchase to whatever is appropriate for you. The purpose of the “standing order” is not to commit you to eggs you don’t need or want, rather it is to make your purchases from us as convenient as possible.

Payment for your egg purchases is also very simple. When you place a “standing order” we establish an account for you on our computer and you receive a monthly statement by email for your egg purchases. You will receive your statement by email normally by the sixth of the month following the purchases and payment is due by the fifteenth. Payment can be made by check or e-check.

For purposes of the “milk-man delivery system”, each client provides a delivery container somewhere on his/her property. The container can be a cooler on the porch, refrigerator on the patio, or other simple container of their own choosing. A very popular delivery container is the simple thermal bag . You'll find them at lots of discount stores. We've even seen them at the Dollar Tree. Note that eggs will not be delivered to the door. That way the client doesn't have to answer the door or even be at home when the eggs are delivered. We use this "milk-man delivery system" because of its convenience to the client, but it also helps us be as efficient as possible in our deliveries. You see, we have to be able to deliver to as many as 50 clients in a morning!

Once the eggs are delivered to the delivery container, the responsibility for the eggs then passes to you, the client. An invoice will accompany the delivery.

We deliver to our clients in the morning between 8 am and 11:30 am. (see map to see if we deliver in your neighborhood) Your eggs will be delivered to your home during these hours. After the first couple of deliveries you should be able to get a more specific idea as to the usual time of delivery, though it will always vary some.


Our farm-fresh eggs are very much a natural food and the size of the eggs within a standard carton will vary a little, somewhere between large and extra-large in size. Likewise, the color of our eggs will vary within the carton, from a very light tan to a deep brown.

As of May 1, 2018, the price of our truly farm-fresh eggs will be $4.99 per dozen. There is a total delivery charge of $1.50. Therefore, the cost of two dozen standard-size (large to extra-large) eggs delivered will be $11.48, the cost for three dozen delivered will be $16.47, etc. You can also order jumbo-size at $5.50 plus the delivery charge or medium-size at $3.50 per dozen plus delivery charge.

Please note that the "standing order" is our only distribution method. We are not taking on any additional on-farm clients or one-time delivery clients. Our egg production is very limited as is the number of clients we can serve. We are not a sales organization nor a retailer, simply a very small egg farm working hard to provide to its clients the freshest traditionally-raised eggs from cage-free hens.

Red Mountain Egg Farm
P.O. Box 4214
West Richland, Washington 99353

"Whoever walks in integrity will be delivered, but he who is crooked in his ways will suddenly fall."
Proverbs 28:18

updated March 24, 2018