Delivery Containers

An egg customer’s delivery container can usually be just about anything the customer wants to use, but Red Mountain Egg Farm does have some suggestions.

If possible, the container should be insulated. Coolers, both large and small, prove to be great delivery containers.
Several customers use old milk-delivery boxes they have had for many years.
One of our customers took a wooden ammo box such as they sell at sports supply houses and at some discount department stores, such as Walmart, and insulated it with Styrofoam. It looks really great and two dozen eggs fit in it just right.

Lots of our customers use thermal bags.
Now there are some real nice thermal bags out there, often made of canvas or other heavy cloth, and they‘re great. Some are practically soft-sided luggage. But you can also use inexpensive Mylar thermal bags for your delivery container.

Mylar bags have the advantage of near total collapsibility and can be easily disguised or hidden from normal view. Yet they can always be outside, ready-to-use so that we can deposit the customer’s eggs into them without the customer having to remind herself to “put the cooler out”.

Several of our customers simply roll the bag up and stash it behind a planter on the porch. Other customers put their Mylar thermal bag under their welcome mat where it stays until we pull it out twice a month to place eggs in it. One customer has a “bull-dog” clip screwed into an exterior wall out of normal view and use it to hold their rolled up Mylar bag until we semi-monthly fill it with eggs.